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Governance Structure

The Proprietors - Gisborne Christian Education Trust

The Gisborne Christian Education Trust is responsible for establishing and intepreting the special Christian character of the school. The deed of integration which is an agreement between the Trust and the Govenment formally describes the special character of the school. The Trust owns the land and the buildings and provides these for the school. Parents pay attendance dues to the Trust which pays for the provision of the land and school facilities. Attendance dues are compulsory payments.

Deryk Jenson

Georgette Jenson

Dianne Holland

Peter Ford
Debbie Viljoen
Walton Sadlier
Philburgh Viljoen

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees governs the operation of the school. It receives funding from the Ministry of Education for teacher's salaries and associated costs, and for the operation of the school. Parents may be charged activity fees to cover the costs of camps, school trips and transport etc. The Board of Trustees is also responsible for ensuring the special character of the school.

John Smolka

Minute Secretary
Paku Kingi


Proprietor's Representatives
Deryk Jenson

Parent Representatives
Mahala Reynolds
Lawrence Schokker
Philburgh Viljoen

Student Representative
Callum Kent

Wendy Gabriel

Teacher Representative
Andrew Russell


As the Chief Executive Officer of the school the Principal is responsible for managing the operation of the school including planning and managing the delivery of teaching and learning in the school, and for delivering the special character in the school.